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Social reconnaissance for social selling

  1. After successful pilots delivering value to social salespeople in the UK, we're getting ready for our public launch.
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The Highlights

  • Empathy

    Our solutions are built by social salespeople for social salespeople.

  • Involved

    We're not hands-off -- we're hands-on. We work with you as partners.

  • Unique

    We marry data science and social science to provide a one-of-a-kind proposition.

  • Timely

    Our KPIs, reports, email and smartphone alerts, and Excel integration gets you moving quickly.

  • Specialised

    We focus on B2B social selling exclusively.

  • Authentic

    We're mobile, social, big data, analytics, and cloud, so we're digital to the core.

What do we do?

The problem faced by professional salespeople today is that people don't pick up the phone, and people don't respond to email.

But in order to sell you need to speak to people. You need to learn about their pains, and help them visualise a solution.

If you can't talk to these people by traditional means, what do you do? You can't close deals without the conversation.

The transition that we're all facing is one where relationships are made over social networks. The principles that we've all been using to improve our personal lives are now applying to our professional lives.

By reaching out and connecting to people through things like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, you can build genuine connections, based on authentic understanding and sharing of ideas within the connected economy.

With those connections and understanding it's possible to build valuable, powerful relationships between salespeople and customers, and start closing deals.

This process is called social selling.

But there's a problem.

How do you know who to talk to, and how do you know what to talk to them about? You can't just buy lists of contacts or work through your address book like you used to.

Without structure and focus the likelihood is you'll have a lot of nice conversations, but few will make it into your sales pipeline.

Influencer Insights answers the question "who do I talk to, and what do I talk about?" It replaces the lists of yesteryear, making it possible for you to go out into the wider world of social networks focusing on conversations with people that it's likely you'll be able to convert.

It's the marriage of machine learning and social science, and it's totally unique.

You might also like to know that everything we do is designed by professional salespeople, for professional salespeople.

Contact us today to learn how we're helping businesses like yours, and see how we can help you.


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